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How to cook lasagne and survive to a rainy Sunday

(Versione italiana giù)

Somebody asked me, if I publish in my blog only typical italian dishes. Well, actually, I post whatever is in my mind, traditional, fusion, experiments... Anyhow, since there is interest, I will try to publish more often italian receipt. A banner (the italian flag) will indicate that the dish is traditionally coming from Italy :) This time, it's the turn of lasagne, one of the most famous and profaned (sigh) food abroad. Be careful, this is not a fast food! It takes really time to prepare the sauce (ragù), the fresh pasta, and the besciamella. So take your time and be ready to spend 3-4 hours around the stoves! However, if it's a rainy, gray Sunday, as it was the last one in Helsinki, you will not regret to stay so long time in the kitchen to get your warm meal ;)


For the fresh pasta

-150 g of white flour
-150 g of wheat yellow flour
-3 eggs
-2 spoons of extra virgin oil
-a pinch of salt

For the bolognese sauce (ragù)

-minced beef meat
-300 g of tomatoes sauce
-1 glass of red wine
-4-5 spoons of extra virgin oil
-1 carrot
-1 stem of parsnip
-1 onion

For the besciamella sauce

-1 L of milk
-40 g of butter
-40 g of white flour
-a tea spoon of salt
-a pinch of nutmeg

Start to prepare the ragu'. Pour the oil out and warm it up in a pot. Cut finely the onion, the carrot and the parsnip, and pour such mixture in the pot. Let it fry for 1 minute and add then the minced meat and the wine, mixing everything. When the wine will be evaporated, add a big spoon of broth, the all tomatoes sauce, a pinch of salt and pepper, and cook the ragu' for 2-21/2 hours on a low flame.
Meanwhile, prepare the pasta. Pour the flour as a fountain on the table and add the eggs in the middle, with the salt and the oil. Mix everything and work the pastry well, until it will look homogeneous. Wrap it in the cellophane and let it rest for 10 minutes in the fridge.
Take the pastry and spread it out on the table, with the help of a rolling pin or of the famous pasta machine. The pastry must be really thin, you should be almost able to see your fingers under it.
Cut the pastry in strikes of 10 cm width and your backing-pan length.
And now finally, prepare the besciamella. Warm the milk up in a pot. Meanwhile, in a second pan, melt the butter and add the flour, mixing gently. Slowly, add the hot milk to the mixture of butter and flour, mixing constantly on a low flame. Cook the besciamella, mixing all the time, until the cream will veil the spoon.
Then, build the lasagne up. In a backing-pan, pour 1-2 spoons of ragu' and spread it out in a thin layer. Make a second layer with some strike of pastry, add a third layer of besciamella. Thus, start again with the ragu' and go ahead in such way. The last layer must be just ragu' and besciamella. Be generous with the besciamella and ragu', unless you wish dried lasagne!
Put the lasagne in the oven and bake at 180C for 40-45 min, about.

Qualcuno, colleghi soprattutto, mi ha chiesto se nel mio blog pubblico solo ricette delle tradizione italiana. Beh, di solito posto tutto quello che mi passa per la testa, cose tradizionali, sperimentali, fusion...
Comunque, visto che c'e' interesse, ho deciso di aprire una nuova sezione, indicata dal bannerino tricolore, dedicata alla cucina della tradizione. Inizio con le lasagne che rappresentano uno dei piatti italiani piu' conosciuto e (sigh) profanato all'estero.
Per questa volta, vi dovete beccare la versione in inglese, anche perche' mi pare un po' assurdo mettermi a fare la spiega delle lasagne agli italiani! ;) Insomma, e' un piatto che vanta mille versioni e varianti, che per molti sta scritto nel DNA e che, sicuramente, le vostre mamme sanno far meglio di me! :)
Queste lasagne son state fatte a quattro mani! Un grazie a Nadia che ha preparato ragu' e besciamella, mentre io tiravo la pasta fresca! :) Che altro fare in una grigia e piovosa domenica, lontani dalla madrepatria? Consolarci, affondando la forchetta nei morbidi strati fumanti di pasta e ragu' ;)

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